Taking Beneficial Candida Vitamins or Herbs While Breastfeeding

Someone asked me if his wife should avoid any of the vitamins or herbs that are beneficial to fight Candida while breastfeeding. He is wondering if there adverse reactions to the mother/infant to any of those supplements while breastfeeding. His wife is suffering and refuses to take vitamins/herbs that would be beneficial, for fear of an adverse reaction in our baby. While he appreciates her wife’s selflessness and devotion to our baby, he can’t watch her endure what she has lately any longer. She is requesting any help, guidance, or resources around this matter.

Honestly, I am not an expert about this issue, and even more, I considered myself amateur. However, I know it enough that vitamins in general are probably desirable while herbs would warrant a lot of wariness. Every herb needs to be checked in such a case. Also, it is different whether you are talking about topical problems or systemic. I believe that there might be dangers in doing nothing. You might research acetaldehyde (and alcohol) as produced by candida and how much it gets transferred.

All of these statements are amateur guesses, which is I am just trying to give some sign posts. This is such a tough question. Several of my friends struggle with it every day. My best advice is to get the book “The Nursing Mother’s Herbal”. It might give you some clues, if not many, about what you want to hear. Here is a quick answer, as an amateur guess: vitamins are safer, herbs are always more suspect.

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